17 May 2010

Dear all,

After much fuss, I have decided to close down SG. SG has been going on for more than over a year. There are many nice people that I have known over the past year. :) We even chatted on gmail sometimes, exchanged opinions, or even just talked about fashion. Thank you for your support all these while. :)

SG was not only a medium for sellers to re-sell their clothes. I do receive complaints too. Some of the original blogshop owners do come to me to inform me that some buyers never really bought the items from them, and therefore I have to bring the issue to the seller in SG. Some of the buyers of items in SG do come to me to complain about some sellers, of which I have brought the issue to the attention to the sellers. Some issues between buyers and sellers were solved in SG :)

For those who were unhappy with SG, I'm sorry if I wasn't able to accomodate your needs. I can never please everyone, but I know that I have tried. Hopefully some other medium will give you a better service. :)

The reason to close down SG is not just because of the comments made. I figured I need to take a break as well. :) Managing a blog / medium for sellers to sell is very tiring (just in case you don't know). :)

Lastly, I will no longer post any items as of this moment.

I am unsure if I will close down this blog temporarily or permanently. Only time will tell.

Thank you for your support for all these while :)